Hi, I’m Nick and I’m a proud Rotarian.

I’m proud of what my club (Poulsbo), my district (5020), my country (USA), and my organization (Rotary) has accomplished and I want everyone to know about it. I want to tell them about the scholarships we’ve given out, the housing for domestic violence survivors we’ve built, the polio virus we’ve almost eradicated… and so much more. I want people to ask me about Rotary. 

But here’s the problem: When someone looks at me, they don’t know I’m a Rotarian.

Why? Because I’m not a fan of Rotary’s clothing.

Now don’t mistake me, there is nothing wrong with the traditional Rotary clothing you can get on Russel Hampton and other suppliers. It has a very nice “business professional” vibe which appeals to many people… just not me. 

I prefer t-shirts, hoodies and other casual gear. Bright colors. Bold prints. Big words… and I think other Rotarians do too.

That’s why I created 1905 Gear. I wanted high-quality, stylish, and affordable Rotary gear that appealed to me. Something different than the traditional Rotary clothing options that are currently on the market.

The best part? 100% of the profits from 1905 Gear go back into Rotary programs.

1905 Gear is volunteer run by myself and a few other Rotarians and every penny we make is donated to the Poulsbo Rotary Foundation, a certified 501(c)(3).

So if you’re like me, a proud Rotarian with nothing to wear, buy a shirt (or two). And while you’re at it, tell some fellow Rotarians about it.

Thanks and enjoy your gear,

Nick Johnson
Rotarian, Poulsbo Rotary Club